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Users have the option to play layups, dunks and even hit floaters above the defenders using this drill. The purpose of this exercise is to score as many points as possible. To get three stars for NBA 2K22 MT this drill, you'll need to score at least 700 in your shots.

Like Fatigued Finishing, Contested Finishing is yet another exercise that is straightforward to do. The payout is higher at the 750 badge points you earn for three-star finishes. You only need to be able to master one of the two movements (Reverse Layup and the Euro-Step) to get the most out of this exercise.

In my experience, the closest shot rating or driving layup doesn't need to be particularly high to find success here. It doesn't hurt to have the Acrobat badge on your t-shirt to increase your rate of finishing at the edge. A game called One Man is a full-court exercise designed to simulate fast-break situations in the practice area. You'll be able to rebound the ball through the length of the court, and then play 3-on-3 in order to score on the other end.

If you score on all ten attempts, it is a good way to Buy NBA 2K Coins earn three stars in this drill making five buckets earns you two stars for this exercise. Your opponent's CPU will perform with full court pressure on you and this is accessible to gain an advantage from the speed break.

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