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  • What are they key benefits?
    Key Benefits: ✅NON-SLIP ✅HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL ✅Increase Glute activation ✅Build more muscle mass ❌No pinching ❌No rolling
  • Can you wash the bands?
    Yes! Our Fabric resistance bands can be washed in the washing machine or hand washed Must AIR DRY!
  • Will my bands roll up?
    Not at all! Our bands have the perfect width and we have latex grip strips sewn inside the bands. This ensures it will stay in place.
  • Can you build muscle with these resistance bands?
    Absolutely! Our GLUTE bands are the key tools to building muscle mass. It contributes tremendously to Your Glutes, which are one of the largest muscle on your body. It works great with free weights and weight machines
  • Will the band break?
    Our fabric GLUTE band are made from a thick durable material and break or roll.
  • What does my order come with?
    3 set of fabric GLUTE BAND / Carrying bag
  • Band Weight?
    Gray BURNOUT BAND Heavy: 40-50lbs Pink-LET’s Work band Medium: 25-35lbs Black WARM-UP band -Light:14-25lbs
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